Saturday, March 08, 2008

Ranting on about the Screwed up In-Laws

I know I have not been here in a LONG LONG time. But today I decided that blogging might, just might mind you be good therapy. So here it goes.

My husband's parents bases your worth on how many kids you can pop out. They make this big claim about being all about family but honestly they do not give a rats ass about their son and I because we do not have kids. His step mother likes to think she is the monarch of the family. Though I highly doubt she has any idea of what a "monarch" is.

Things all went to hell when we offered to help his little sister out while she was over seas and I think it was a brave thing for her to do, go to war. We took care of her daughter from 6 months up to 27 months. 5 of those months we never asked for a penny of support from her. Later on we did and she didn't like it. But to make a long story short.

We talked about a transition plan for everyone, but when she got back there was no doing a transition at all. She was back 7 days and took her child with out any concern for what she was doing to her. Never asked for her cloths, toys, what food she liked etc. " She gave birth so she didn't need me to tell her what her daughter needed'. You may ask her child right? Well yes no one ever said she wasn't. But she'd bring the child over and the little girl would scream and scream and her mother didn't seem to care. The mother sits in our living room and says to me the only problem with her little girl is she needs to get YOU out of her system. What a slap in the face! She even told her brother. ( my husband) that she was jealous of me, I was a better mom, well no shit retard you didn't take care of your first kid. Little sister and Step mommy dearest believe that if you didn't give birth your not a mom. I have met some selfish bitches in my life but these two take the cake.
So bad words start flying mostly via email. Then little sister cries to mom, who calls up my husband and starts ripping him out, accusing us of all kinds of shit with out bothering to ask whats going on. Good going step mommy dearest.

So we are made to fell like bad guys because we fell in love with a sweet little baby girl and wanted what is best for her. SHAME ON US!! HOW DARE WE!!

What is most funny about all this is Step mommy dearest wanted us to stay in contact with little sis because she had concerns for the children's well being. How fucked up is that??

My husband finally gave the "law" down to step mommy dearest on how she made him feel and that if they ( his parents) wanted a relationship with us they had to work to on it, because we have been so deeply hurt. She opologized of course but never made an effort to contact us after Christmas. and we haven't heard from them since.
On a positive note we still had a great Christmas we spent it with friends who treat us more like family then his real family ever could.

I feel sorry for them, Baby girls not going to be a little girl forever and when she grows up she going to want to know. I for one not going to lie to her.

Step mommy dearest well what to say about you, ah your a step mom so after all your not a real mom anyways.

Monday, December 11, 2006


It's been a very long time. I can't say this blog will become more than it currently is but it IS back.

- Almond

Sunday, July 14, 2002

The Journey - Chapter 6

Al walked up to The Horny Buck. He had his pack loaded heavy on his back along with his sleeping roll. He also carried his tool kit. It was large but plain, unfortunately also heavy. Al had been switching arms carrying the tools on the way to the inn and they were starting to ache.

Al walked to the inn stalls and found Dunrik there with a couple of voluptuous women, cooing at him. “Stay just one more night Dunrik, please!” one of the women pleaded sweetly batting her eyes and pressing her bosom up against him. The other agreed with a sly smile, “Yes, please stay! You won’t regret it!”

“Now now ladies, I’m sure I wouldn’t regret it, but I’m afraid I must be moving on.” He looked up and saw Al, “Ah, and my travel companion is here too.”

The ladies surveyed Al up and down like a piece of meat. “He’s cute,” the second woman said with a grin.

“I’m sure we could handle both of you,” said the other.

Al flushed and in a fluster said, “Uhhh, well I uhh.”

Dunrik laughed loudly, “Don’t worry my boy, you don’t have to worry about these ladies. Their bark isn’t nearly as bad as their bite!” Dunrik winked at the ladies with that last comment.

The ladies laughed and bid their farewell, “Goodbye Dunrik, come see us again sometime.”

Dunrik then turned to Al and said, “What are you doing still holding onto that tool box? Looks like your arm is about to fall out of its socket.” At this he took the kit from Al and placed it in the cart. “Give me that pack too. We are all set to get going now.”

Al was very relieved to be unburdened. He was not unfamiliar with hard work but that didn’t mean he wanted to be a pack mule either. Suddenly he realized just how lucky he was to have met up with Dunrik. Carrying all those goods on himself and a horse would have been a strain. This reminded Al.


Climbing onto the seat of the wagon, “Yes my boy?”

“I was planning on purchasing a horse. Shall I do so still?” Al asked.

“It certainly wouldn’t hurt, but these two cart horses aren’t your typical horses,” Dunrik said with a sly grin. “Like myself, they are hardy and versatile. If we need to ride solo for any reason, one of these two sweet babies will do just fine.” He looked on at the horses with obvious gratitude.
This was all Al needed to know. “I trust your judgment Dunrik. We need to trust one another if we are going to make this journey together right?”

Dunrik laughed, “You got it my boy, you got it! Come on, let’s get out of this place. Adventure calls!”

As they passed the city gates Al thought to himself, ‘My journey now truly begins. My heart is pounding! I haven’t felt this excited since I was first with a woman. I hope it is just as amazing.’

- Almond

Monday, June 24, 2002

Just an FYI, we've not forgotten about this blog. Just been really overwelmed with other things. We'll get back to it as soon as we can.

-- Almond

Tuesday, May 21, 2002

The Journey - Chapter 5

Al was at a local merchants shop purchasing supplies for his trip. This particular store was well known in the area and beyond as the premiere place to purchase quality road rations and travel goods. The journey from here in Conval to S’with was going to be long. Al was going to travel along the main trade route, which had numerous trade posts and inns along the way, however Al didn’t have a lot of money and he had heard many stories about bandits and generally unsavory characters who frequented these outposts.

Almost as if on mental queue Al heard a boisterous voice arguing over the price of a small barrel of ale. Turning, Al quickly recognized the man who was quite adamant about saving every last gold piece. It was Dunrik! Dunrik noticed Al then and quickly a huge grin spread across his face laughed and said, “Ah my boy! You are still here? I figured you’d be half way across the Graymore range by now.”

Al grinned, but sheepishly looked at his own feet and admitted, “I’ve only just worked the courage to make the trip. I was just buying supplies.”

Dunrik took a look at the goods in Als’ arms and shook his head, “Now then, how do you expect to maintain your health on such a long trip with jerky and dried fruit?”

Al frowned, “I only have so much money Dunrik. I cannot eat and stay in inns every night. I will hunt small game, rabbits and foul when I need fresh meat.” Al felt confident of his planning and was feeling a bit defensive about Dunriks comments.

“It’s alright my boy. I’m sure your skills are quite good. You are a slim fellow, but I can see you are plenty healthy so you obviously know how to fend for yourself.” Dunrik paused for a moment, and then another large grin appeared on his face. “Say! Why don’t we travel together? It is much safer. Bandits are more likely to attack a single traveler than two with a wagon. I have more than enough room for your supplies too. Plus,” patting the small barrel, “I enjoy sharing my food and drink as much as my company. What do you say?”

Al was certainly temped. Excitement crept up in his mind and undoubtedly his face. He was not good at hiding his excitement and Dunrik noticed and grinned slightly larger. “Dunrik, I must think about this for a moment. You owe me nothing. Why would you make such a generous offer to me, essentially a stranger?”

Without hesitation Dunrik patted Al on the shoulder and said, “Because I like you.”

That made Al quickly throw Dunrik a questioning and concerned look.

“Now now, that isn’t what I ment.” With a laugh he continued, “You are a good kid with a lot of potential. I can see it. Also I’m a nice guy,” he said with a large laugh. “And it would be nice to have someone with carpentry skills along. My poor wagon is starting to show her travel age. Consider that your payment. Is that fair?”

Al agreed that it would be fair and he would be happy to travel along. “Dunrik, I was going to sell many of my tools to help offset my travel costs.”

Dunrik, being the wiser man, suggested, “Sell the more specialized tools, but bring along your standard fair.” With a more serious note, “If you have any expensive tools, tools that are inlayed with precious metals or gems, sell them and get plain replacements. Bandits will ignore the tools in general. They are looking for everyday precious items. I hope we don’t run into any bandits, but we should be prepared to look as poor as possible. Why give them anything to come sniffing around about, the dogs!” Dunrik was more serious than Al had ever seen him, in his short time around him. Als guess was that he had a run in with some bandits.

Dunrik sensed Als slight unease and said, “I’ll tell you all about what we can expect from the bandits on the way. Grab your goods and lets get moving. I was hoping to leave in the next hour. Will that work for you?”

Al thought for a moment, ‘Wow so quickly! But, I’m ready. I just have to sell those tools and that won’t take long. I already have a buyer all lined up.’

“You bet I’ll be ready. Shall we meet here?”

“My wagon and gear are at the Horny Buck Inn, meet me there in an hour.”

Al laughed to himself, ‘Why am I not surprised he’d stay there.’ To Dunrik, “I’ll be there!”

- Almond

Tuesday, May 14, 2002

The Journey - Chapter 4

Spring was soon to past and the dry days of summer would be coming in hard on the heels of the passing rains. Always happened like that, one big thunder storm to announce the end of spring.

Rose went about her morning work with in the store, checking supplies, marking off on her list what items to order, what items not to stock as they where no longer need now that the winter snow has melted into clear cool streams. The bell rings atop the door as she turns to Walt and smiles. Walt’s been around the store for as long as she can remember. Her father hired him when she was just a child. Walt wasn’t much more then a boy himself when he started working at the store. A broad kind of child like smile came across Walt’s face when he said hello to her every morning. His smile could always brighten her day. Rose and Walt had always been friends’ buddies of sorts. She knew in her heart he would always be her “big brother”. At times she new he looked at her in a more loving nature, but nothing he would ever act upon. Walt simple knew a friend was all Rose really needed right now. Walt watched out for her, made sure no one did unkind to her. Walt’s major job was to keep the store clean and take care of all the heavy shipments when they came in. It was a shame Walt had been born slow. He was a good man and deserved a good life. “He is gifted”, Rose remembered her father telling him when she asked about Walt’s slow speech.

The soft sound of the bird in the coo coo clock reminded Rose of the hour. “Never good business to open your doors late,” words her mother spoke rang through her mind. Rose headed to the windows to open up the shutters. Rose was reminded of the other problem that got her burr every morning. Had to open the shutters just right or they would fall off. Latch them to the wall and pray that they stayed tell closing. Walt was a good helper around the store, but a handy man he would not be. Rose chuckles remembering the day he nailed the shutters to the wall and was so proud of himself for fixing them. She couldn’t tell him he made it worse. She simple popped out the nails and never said a word. Door bell started clanging again as another busy day at the store begins.

On a much needed break in the midst of the day, while cooling her tired feet in the silent brook that passed out back of the store. She thought to herself, “why do you keep this store’? Why don’t you sell it, it’s too much of a burden for a young lady, she could hear the towns people say. She never could honestly answer that question not to them nor to herself. It was if an unforeseen force or will, have you was always telling her to “stay, stay just a little bit longer”. So Rose stayed a little bit, and a little bit more, soon 5 years had past and she was still here waiting that little bit longer. Laying back on the soft, grassy bank leaving her feet in the cool soothing water Rose closed her eyes. Rose always could see him in her dreams a tall man, not wide at the shoulders like most, but handsomest then many she’s seen past. Eyes of deep blue, full of mystic and magic and a smile. A smile so loving and kind, so amazing was such a smile she always catch her breath and awake from her dream. It frustrated her at times not to see his face, but the mystery kept her captivated in her dreams. For the next time she closed her eyes and wished him there in dreams
Breathing in the scent of the grass and the warm summer wind. Rose puts on her shoes and returns to the store. With a small inner voice more male then female almost, whispered “just a little bit longer and you will see.”

Monday, May 06, 2002

The Journey - Chapter 3

Those fowl words almost escaped her lips. Rose hated that short walk from her small humble home to the store her parents once owned. Ever since they built the boarding home she had to endure the cat calls and the whistles from the windows above. “Boarding home, ha, she would say, more like a whore house. Rose wished they had never moved here.

A sweet longing of days running through fields full of scented wild flowers, watching butterflies fly together like sheets in the wind. Rolling down hills covered in buttercups tell your clothes became patched in yellow. That where she rather be. Ah but her fathers small store in a small country villa was no place for a girl to grow up. No culture he would say.

So they moved to Arenden, the city of sounds and scents. At first it was like a dream a wonderful new play ground and other children to play with. So many things to learn and to do lots of images to spark her imagination. But, after her parents died it was more of a place to life not to love. But at night there was always that peaceful place she could go. Nights drew her quietly to herself a pleasure she was learning to enjoy. Rose would open her bedroom window and sits silently a pond the edge. Close her eyes, lean back against the wood sill, left her head towards the heavens, letting her thoughts of the day just drift away. She could smell the sent of wildflowers in the wind as it whisped her long blonde hair around her neck and chin. How she wished she could go home.

Everyday Rose walked by the boarding home on her way to the store. Through the ruts and muck made by so many horse and cart. Every night she walked home the same way. With barely enough light from a pale moon. Yes there was days when she was asked to come to an evening social. But Rose never had a will for such things. Oh Rose knew why they would ask, they all believed she was too old to not be married and have children. She was going to be an old spinster if she didn’t marry soon. “So be it” was her thought. “I like being self taught, independent and owning my own store, which I do quite well she had added.”

What Rose really wanted was love, not just a man to say she is married, but love. Love like she seen when her parents looked at each other, when they had a big water fight near the pond on a hot summer day. This made her smile to remember her parents playing and laughing like children. Many sweet memories, she held safe and close to her heart. In a child like manor Rose still wonders if they are proud of her. “Wondering thought can get a young lady in trouble’, her mother would say.

No, Rose didn’t want just a man, just so she would be married like everyone else. Rose wanted love, love as safe caring and enduring, in the ways she seen while growing up. “Have to stop thinking” she says in a small trembling voice. “Only brings the tears”. Climbing the few steps to the store she fishes the key from her apron pocket. Turning the key in the door and bracing herself left shoulder up against it, as she did ever morning cause as she knew if she didn’t push hard on that first turn of the key when it rolled the latch inside she be fighting to get it open. Timing was everything as she pushed the door ajar and rubbed her tender shoulder. A smile comes across her lips. As she smirks at the door “I have won again”. Someday I’ll have to fix that door.

- Cashew